Home Drone is a multimedia exhibition about the legality, ethics, and effectiveness of the United States drone program. We located 344 U.S. drone strikes in northern Pakistan and plotted them over a map of Massachusetts, starting at the site of the Boston Tea Party.  We then drove to the sites and photographed who and what would have been destroyed had a drone strike happened on that day. For an exhibition at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, we then built a 204" rhinestone-studded predator drone and aimed it at a wall-sized map of Massachusetts to show what it would look like if the strikes were happening here. The trilingual exhibition (Urdu, Pashto, English) also included a reading room with real testimonies from Pakistani families who are directly impacted by drone strikes and a video installation. In the wall mural, a plant blows seeds throughout the gallery reminding us that our actions and words are significant. They inevitably fly out of our control and take root in places we will likely never see.